Custom Jewelry, Needlecrafts, & Decor

Welcome, and thank you for visiting!

I'm Kimi, the owner and artist of Butterscotch Sympathy. (Yes, the name is a play on that one song by The Verve.) I've been crafting in various mediums since childhood and initially launched BSS as an Etsy store in 2015. The initial foray into selling my wares has become a small business that has sold items around the globe. I currently offer a variety of needle crafts, jewelry, and home decor.

I'm always trying new techniques and crafts, so visit me at a local fair or convention to see what my store is up to now

Custom orders are welcomed and feel free to ask for the stars and the moon. Need a Pacman ghost hat, a Hufflepuff scarf, or a Death Star suncatcher? I can make that happen.  Contact me and let's start a conversation!

Upcoming shows for 2023/2024